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Recent releases from Blowtorch Records

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Cover art for Life Won't Wait For None

Chicago experimental duo Kid Slang have followed up recent release 'Living In This Painting' with their latest latest lo-fi gem 'Life Won't Wait for None'. A supremely produced, laid back slice of their slightly wobbly, lo-fi sound. "Sitting alone, stoned in your room, you never leave the house" - sound familiar anyone?


Cover art for Homewrecker by Check Please!

Houston-based Catsica’s woozy dream pop has morphed into something slightly harder, both lyrically and sonically. A previous track of the week, her new release ‘Homewrecker’. Her signature slightly distant vocals are present and correct but now with added guitar grit and a darker lyrical theme. Excellent.


As well as moving to Amsterdam from his native Toronto, Keith continues to deliver a regular supply of super catchy singles. Change Your Mind is a riotous blast of early Arctic Monkeys style guitars and harmonies. Make sure to check out the video, it's pure class.


Cover art for Burnt Umber by Dillon Salvi

The simply beautiful new single from recent Blowtorch recruit Dillon Salvi is out now. Building on his previous releases with gorgeous backing vocals and beautifully layered instrumentation, Burnt Umber is a meditative mix of Richard Hawley and Nick Drake. I urge you to listen.



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