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Some Remain release new single Dead Sound

A deep dive into Some Remain’s 7" single double bill - Dead Sound and Knuckle Sandwich


Artist: Some Remain

Single: Dead Sound/Knuckle Sandwich

Release: February 12 2024

Some Remain launch a double feature with their latest 7” vinyl release, featuring two hard-hitting singles Dead Sound and Knuckle Sandwich.

Sligo punks Some Remain release new single Dead Sound

The band, hailing from the west of Ireland in County Sligo, continues to carve its niche with a sound that echoes the raw energy of garage-punk legends like Fontaines D.C. and The Fall.

Dead Sound, the fifth single from Some Remain, not only showcases the unfiltered, energetic nature of the band but also stands as a testament to their versatility. Recorded with Felipé Loughran-Ponce at Fused Ion Studios in Galway, the track captures the band exploring new territories while retaining their signature sound.

The track builds on a fast-driving idea before plunging into a crowd-soaked chorus. Witty, call-and-response lyrics narrate the antics of a 'Dead Sound' lad on a night out, making it a standout choice for a single due to its popularity in live performances. With Jamie’s gritty vocals and sheer Irish humour, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of a Sligo night out.

The edgy guitar solo and echo-laden, ominous bridge push us to a different dimension. The chorus strikes the perfect balance of distortion and a memorable melody. Every moment holds something new for the listener, and the final cowbell idea packs a final punch to a truly memorable song.

Previously released Knuckle Sandwich, the 7" single B side, delves into heavier influences with an aggressive edge. Its lyrics revolve around dealing with an unpleasant character, showcasing Some Remain's adept storytelling skills, portraying two contrasting characters. The dynamic instrumentation features a menacing guitar riff, and the ferocious drums intertwine to create an infectious energy that lingers. The lyrics and theme delivery generate a visceral energy that is both nostalgic and fresh. These two tracks fit seamlessly together as a listen; they both exude intensity and grit but in two distinctly different approaches. 

Combining aggressive edges and compelling storytelling, Knuckle Sandwich and Dead Sound showcase Some Remain’s dynamic versatility and raw energy, offering a journey through contrasting themes and captivating soundscapes.

The vinyl is available for order now and ships after the digital release date of February 12th.      


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