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Soundstrand release new single 'American Radio'

Dublin's Soundstrand release first single of 2024 American Radio which sounds like it should be on US radio.


Track: American Radio

Band: Soundstrand

Released: March 1 2024

Cover art for American Radio by Soundstrand

Following last year's excellent If You Hear This Let Me Know EP, the Finglas four aka Soundstrand are back with their first single of 2024, American Radio.

Adding some sophisticated sheen to their earlier naive, indie charm they once again demonstrate their knack for an open, melodic sound with their soulful backing vocals adding layers other bands miss.

If i was pinned against a wall with the threat of violence unless I accurately described their sound I'd say The Libertines crossed with The Housemartins and a dash of doo wop. We highly recommend a listen yourself - just don't come hammering on our door if you disagree.


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