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The Swedish Railway Orchestra release electronic EP 'Connotations'

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Connotations, a Swedish Railway Orchestra EP between albums, slips very well into an electronic slot in our lives.


EP: Connotations

Band: The Swedish Railway Orchestra

Released: July 4 2023

Artwork for Connotations EP by Swedish Railway Orchestra

Connotations is the follow up from TSRO, led by Dublin DJ and producer Rob Smith, to 2022's acclaimed album Dance To The Drum Machine.

"It's something I wanted to do," explains the Dubliner. "I wanted to make something different than just another regular batch of recordings. To make one really, really long track. That is essentially what's happened here, so I've had splice them into 6 different sections, and the result is very cool and interesting."

Ever a man of his word, Rob has produced nearly 43 minutes of continuously evolving bass and bleepery along the lines of Aphex Twin or Boards of Canada. There is also an accompanying eye popping video of acid visuals intercut with real film footage.

Connotations is out now on all steaming platforms and is available on a Blowtorch Records CD. Any TSRO vinyl order comes with a free copy of the CD.

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